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  • Announcement of Fujian Liancheng Nine Dragon Tourism Group Co., Ltd. on the open recruitment of research and training professionals
  • Release time: November 22, 2019 | Source: Longyan Talent Network | Viewed Person-times
  • In order to meet the group's leaping development requirements and meet business development needs, in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, and merit selection, it is planned to openly recruit a number of research and training professionals to the community. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

    I. Registration Conditions

    (I) Political conditions: Chinese citizens who support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love education and training, have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, good political quality, strong sense of service, good thinking, good character, observance of laws and disciplines, and good credit .

    (2) Educational qualifications: college degree or above (including fresh graduates).

    (C) physical conditions: good health, physical conditions in line with employment requirements; good facial features, good image temperament.

    (4) Age condition: Under 30 years old (exported after October 1989).

    (E) Competence: Strong oral and written skills; strong organizational coordination and communication skills.

    (6) Conditions of refusal to report: Those who are under any of the following circumstances shall not apply:

    1. The case is under review by the judicial organs and the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs;

    2. Having been disciplined by or under Party discipline or political discipline;

    3. Have ever been criminally punished for a crime or have been expelled from public office or expelled from the party;

    4. National laws and regulations and related policies stipulate that recruitment is not allowed.

    Recruiting positions, numbers, duties and requirements

    ,岗位职责:承担组织教学、学员管理、跟班讲解、跟班管理等工作。 (1) Teaching management (post code 01) 2 people , post duties: responsible for organizing teaching, student management, class explanation, class management, etc. job requirements:

    1. Graduated in sociology, administrative management, tourism management;

    2. Have 3 years or more of experience in red tourism, research and training activities planning and planning work;

    3. Communist Party members;

    4. Experience in tour guides is preferred.

    ,岗位职责:承担联络接洽、班次洽谈对接。 (2) External liaison (post code 02) 1 person , post responsibilities: undertake liaison and contact, shift negotiation and matchmaking. job requirements:

    1. Graduated in law, marketing, advertising, management;

    2. Those who have 3 years or more of revolutionary historical theme memorial lectures or relevant work experience or the third prize of the language expression competitions such as lectures, presidency and recitations at the municipal level or above;

    3. Familiar with Hongpei's business liaison and reception related work experience;

    4. CCP members are given priority.

    ,岗位职责:承担品牌宣传和推介、创意策划与落地执行,公司微信自媒体平台运营管理。 (3) Planning and promotion (post code 03) 1 person , job responsibilities: undertake brand publicity and promotion, creative planning and landing execution, the company's WeChat self-media platform operation management. job requirements:

    1. Graduated in marketing, advertising, Chinese related majors;

    2.Have 2 years or more of related experience in planning and promotion of red research training;

    3. Familiar with market promotion, proficient in the specific operation process of promotion; possess keen market insight and market analysis ability, and be able to formulate appropriate marketing promotion plans based on market information;

    4. CCP members are given priority.

    ,岗位职责:承担摄影摄像、视频制作、文字编辑、图片影像资料整理归档等工作。 (4) 1 person for image editing and production (post code 04) , job responsibilities: undertake photography, video production, text editing, picture and image data filing and archiving. job requirements:

    1. Graduation from journalism and communication majors and advertising majors;

    2. Familiar with related software such as image processing and video editing;

    3. Those with relevant work experience or CCP members are preferred.

    Third, the recruitment process

    (I) Registration

    报名时间:2019年11月27日至11月28日(正常上班时间)。 1. Registration time: November 27th to November 28th, 2019 (normal working hours).

    2. Registration method: On-site registration is free.

    电话(传真):0597-8911022(联系时请告知是在龙岩好工作人才网看到的招聘信息)联系人:姚先生。 3. Registration Location: No. 56 Zhongshan Road, Lianfeng Town, Liancheng County (Fourth Floor , Building 3, Liancheng Hotel) , Tel. ) Contact: Mr. Yao.

    4. The applicant should provide an application form, a copy of my ID card, and a graduation certificate (provided the original copy), a copy of the "Ministry of Education Electronic Registration Record Form" printed online by Xuexin, No criminal record certificate, personal credit inquiry query record, relevant work experience certificate (labor contract or original unit certificate), 2 recent 1-inch frontless colorless photos.

    (II) Preliminary examination

    1. The employer will conduct a preliminary review of the qualifications of the applicants. The applicants shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information submitted. If false information is provided, the examination or application (hiring) qualification will be cancelled upon discovery.

    2. The applicants must cooperate closely with the employer to do the review. If the reviewer asks or questions by phone or in person, they must answer or explain carefully.

    (Three) examination

    The examination is divided into a written test and an interview, and is organized and implemented by Fujian Liancheng Chenlong Tourism Group Co., Ltd. When the number of applicants for each position is less than 30, they will directly enter the interview.

    Written test

    Adopt closed-closing method. The written test has a total of 100 points. The written test does not specify an outline or teaching materials. The content of the written test is comprehensive basic knowledge. The written test time and place will be notified separately.

    2. Interview

    Use semi-structured interview methods. The interview mainly tests the comprehensive quality and ability of candidates. The interview time and place will be notified separately. According to the written test results, they are ranked from high to low, and the candidates for each position are recruited at a ratio of 1: 3. Candidates for the interview are determined. If the last one meets the same score, they will enter the interview together. The interview score is 100 points.

    3. Exam results

    ⑴If you take a written test, the test result = (written test result x 50%) + (interview result x 50%);

    未 If the written test has not been performed, the test result = the interview result.

    (D) Physical examination

    1. Confirmation of candidates for medical examinations: Determine the candidates for medical examinations from high to low according to the ratio of 1: 1 in accordance with the examination results; if the final examination results are tied, they shall be distinguished in the following order: (1) CCP members are preferred; 2) Those who have been engaged in professional positions for a long time are preferred; (3) Those with higher education are preferred.

    2. The items and standards of the medical examination refer to the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) (Guo Ren Min Fa [2005] No. 1) and the Revision of the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) and the Operation Manual for Medical Examinations for Civil Servant ( (Trial) Notice "(Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2010] No. 19) documents require organization and implementation. The physical examination time and place will be notified separately. The medical examination personnel shall attend the medical examination on time. Those who fail to participate in the medical examination shall be deemed to have waived their medical examination qualifications. The cost of the medical examination is personal. If you have any doubts about the results of the medical examination, you can submit a re-examination within 7 days after you know the results of the medical examination. The re-examination can only be performed once, and the results of the re-examination shall prevail. References to vacancies caused by unqualified medical examinations or waiver of medical examination qualifications will be made up according to the test scores from high to low.

    (V) Review

    1. Candidates who pass the physical examination are determined to be the subject of re-examination. If the re-examination fails or they give up on their own, the employer decides whether or not to re-submit.

    2. Candidates who pass the re-examination are determined to be candidates for recruitment and will be posted on the website of the Liancheng County People's Government for 5 working days.

    4. Hiring

    1. The personnel to be hired after the review are announced on the website of the Liancheng County People's Government for five working days. If there are job vacancies caused by the employer's automatic abandonment, etc., the employer decides whether or not to fill in, and fills in according to the test results from high to low.

    2. The employed personnel shall sign a labor contract with Fujian Liancheng Nine Dragon Tourism Group Co., Ltd. in accordance with relevant regulations to handle the employment procedures. If the hired person signs a labor contract or employment agreement with the original unit, I shall be responsible for handling it in accordance with relevant regulations. If the applicant fails to complete the employment procedures within the prescribed time due to personal reasons of the applicant, the employment qualification shall be cancelled.

    3. The probation period is 2 months. If the probation period expires and the assessment is qualified, the labor contract will continue to be performed; if the assessment is not qualified, the labor contract will be terminated.

    V. Salary

    Remuneration shall be implemented in accordance with the "Remuneration Management System" of Fujian Liancheng Nine Dragon Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

    Disciplinary supervision

    The recruitment exercise strictly implements the principle of "equal competition and selection of employment". Strictly abide by the prescribed procedures, conditions and standards, and it is strictly forbidden to engage in fraud and fraud. Recruitment work shall be supervised and supervised by the competent department throughout the whole process, and accept social supervision. Once the violation of discipline or job dereliction has adverse consequences, once it is verified, it shall be dealt with seriously according to relevant regulations.

    福建连城豸龙旅游集团有限公司公开招聘工作人员报名表 Attachment: Fujian Liancheng Nine Dragon Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Open Recruitment Staff Registration Form

    Fujian Liancheng Nine Dragon Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

    November 20, 2019

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