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  • Announcement on the public recruitment of 3 non-editing staff members at the Nancheng Community Health Service Center in Shilla District
  • Release time: December 3, 2019 | Source: Longyan Good Job Talent Network | Viewed Person-times
  • In order to further enrich the technical strength of Nancheng Community Health Service Center and better serve the community, in accordance with the "Public Personnel Management Regulations" and "Interim Provisions on Public Recruitment of Public Institutions", it was decided to openly recruit non-editing staff after research. The specific scheme is as follows:

    I. Recruitment positions
    :中专及以上学历(全日制),必须取得执业医师证书,临床医学专业,年龄性别不限; ②中药剂岗位1名 :大专及以上学历(全日制),中药剂专业,取得药士证书,年龄性别不限; ③护理岗位1名 :大专及以上学历(全日制),护理专业,取得护士证书,年龄性别不限。 This open recruitment of 3 non-editing staff, positions: ① 1 position in Western medicine : technical secondary school or above (full-time), must obtain a practicing doctor certificate, clinical medicine, regardless of age and gender; ② Chinese medicine position 1 Name : College degree or above (full-time), Chinese Pharmacy major, obtained pharmacist certificate, age and gender are not limited; ③ Nursing post 1 : College degree or above (full-time), nursing major, obtained nurse certificate, age and gender limit.

    Recruitment conditions
    对象 The candidates must meet the following conditions:
    1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China;
    2. Abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, observe discipline, conduct good behavior, and have good professional ethics;
    3. Qualifications that meet the requirements of the job, such as the major, education, and age;
    4. Good health (in line with the medical examination standards for civil servants), and have the physical conditions to perform the duties of recruiting positions normally.
    ㈡No candidates
    1. Persons who have been criminally punished for crimes, persons who have been expelled from public office, persons who are being investigated on file, and staff members of institutions and institutions have been dismissed (dismissed from the contractual relationship) and have not reached the minimum number of years required for re-employment People
    2. Persons who are found to have committed serious violations of employment discipline, such as fraud, and are still not allowed to apply for the examination;
    3. Active-duty soldiers, full-time regular college students;
    4. Those who are employed for examinations are those who constitute avoidance relationships, and those who are not allowed to be recruited as staff members of institutions in laws and regulations;
    5. As of December 2, 2019, the personnel of organizations at all levels who require minimum service years and have not yet completed their service periods when recruiting personnel are not eligible for this recruitment.
    Third, the registration method
    (正常上班时间)。 (I) Registration time: December 2-December 16, 2019 (normal working hours).
    联系电话:0597—2360710 (联系时请告知是在龙岩好工作人才网看到的招聘信息) (2) Registration place: 3rd floor office , Nancheng Community Health Service Center, Shilla District , Tel: 0597-2360710 (please inform when you contact the recruitment information you see on the Longyan Good Job Network)
    (3) Carrying materials )查询下载的《教育部学历证书电子注册备案表》和其他相关证书或证明材料。 1. Candidates must provide the following materials when registering: their ID cards and academic credentials, degree certificates required by the recruitment conditions for each position, and download from the China Higher Education Student Information Network ( ) Electronic Ministry of Education's Academic Certificate Filing Form and other relevant certificates or certification materials. The above materials must be provided with an original and a copy.
    2. One recent one-inch color photo with the same background (posted on the Registration Form).
    3. When entrusting others to submit the registration form and application materials, a written authorization letter issued by the applicant must be provided, and the entrusted person must bring his ID card (provide the original and a copy) for registration.
    (IV) Qualification Examination
    1. Registration review: The office will review the applicants' qualifications. After passing the review, fill in the “Registration Form for Recruiting Staff of Nancheng Community Health Service Center, Xinluo District, Longyan City” (see the attached table), and press A4 paper uniformly. Format leaflet printing (entry form is recommended to be filled in electronic form, do not alter it).
    2. Examination fee: Free.
    (V) Precautions for registration
    1. Candidates' academic qualifications and degrees must be the corresponding academic qualifications and degrees recognized by the provincial and higher education administrative departments. Among them, the academic degree must be the degree required by the profession and the academic degree corresponding to the job position. Prevail. Candidates' graduation certificates, degree certificates and other related certificates must be obtained before December 2, 2019 (including December 2, the same below).
    2. Candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the information and materials submitted by them. Applicants who engage in fraud, illegality, or disciplinary actions during the registration, examination, physical examination, and assessment processes will be disqualified from the examination or employment once they are verified.


    ㈠Written test: 100 points
    1. Written test content:

    (1) Posts of clinical western medicine: medical clinical "three basics" training physician's volume, community health service related knowledge

    (2) Nursing positions: The 2012 edition of the "Three Basics" Training Nursing Volume in Medical Clinic, and knowledge about community health services.
    (3) Pharmacy posts: basic knowledge of pharmacy in medicine, and knowledge about community health services.
    2. Written test time: December 18, 2019 at 10:00 am
    3. Place of written test: 4th floor conference room of Nancheng Community Health Service Center

    4. The written test passing line is 60 points.


    1. The main test is the comprehensive quality and ability of applicants. A perfect score is 100 points. People above the written test pass line

    Among the staff, in accordance with the written test results from high to low scores, 3 times the number of people recruited for each position is determined as the interview candidate, and less than 3 times the number of candidates who meet the written test pass line to determine the interview candidate. Candidates' written test scores must reach the written test pass line before they can enter the interview. If the last person who enters the interview for the relevant position has the same score, it will be determined as the interview candidate. The minimum qualifying line for interview results is 60 points. If the number of people entering the interview is equal to or less than the number of people to be recruited, the interview score must reach 70 points and above to qualify.
    2. Interview content: Refer to the interview of civil servants
    3. Interview time: 15:00, December 18, 2019
    计算 Test score calculation method: written test score × 50% + interview score × 50%.
    V. Admission Methods
    (1) According to the recruitment position, among the people participating in the interview, the candidates will be selected from high to low for a physical examination based on the total score (if the total score is the same, the high score in the written test is preferred) and the number of recruitment plans 1: 1. And assessment;

    (2) Admission principles:
    Candidates who have achieved the passing score in the examination are admitted in the following order according to the number of recruitment plans, and the same type of personnel are admitted in the order of high and low scores:
    1. Undergraduate and above graduates;

    2. Persons born after the second child;
    3. College graduates;
    4. Experience in public hospitals.
    (3) The items and standards of the medical examination refer to the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) (Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1) and the Revision of the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) and the Operational Procedures The Notice of the Manual (Trial Implementation) (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2010] No. 19) requires the organization and implementation. The physical examination time and place will be notified separately. The medical examination personnel shall attend the medical examination on time. Those who fail to participate in the medical examination on time shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications. Candidates who falsify or conceal the true situation during a physical examination are disqualified. The cost of the medical examination is at your own expense.
    (4) If the shortage is caused by the medical examination or assessment not meeting the requirements or special circumstances, the shortfall will be replenished in the order of the total score;
    (5) For applicants who have been employed, the applicant shall provide proof of termination of the personnel and labor relationship by the original unit;
    (6) Notice of employment time will be announced separately.
    Relevant treatment and management <br /> After public announcement, there is no objection, and the labor contract shall be signed in accordance with the regulations. Salary: It is implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Nancheng Community Health Service Center, and has obtained the qualification certificate of medical practitioners according to the salary of regular staff.

    Attached form: "Recruitment Examination Registration Form for Nancheng Community Health Service Center, Shilla District" (click to download)

    Nancheng Community Health Service Center, Shilla District

    December 3, 2019

    The Shilla District Nancheng Community Health Service Center authorized Longyan Good Job Talent Network to release it. Reproduction is prohibited without written permission!

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