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  • Announcement of Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau on Openly Recruiting Non-staff Staff of Urban Management
  • Release time: December 4, 2019 | Source: Longyan Talent Network | Viewed Person-times
  • Due to work needs, we plan to publicly recruit 5 non-employed staff members of urban management. Based on the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit selection, the related recruitment matters are announced as follows:

    I. Recruiting posts and numbers

    3 positions for management positions; 2 positions for professional and technical positions.

    Recruitment objects and conditions

    (1) The applicants must meet the following requirements:

    1. Comply with the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, observe discipline and law, conduct with good character, and possess good political and moral qualities and a certain level of policy and theory. He has not been disciplined by the party and government, and has no record of violations.

    2. Love the administrative law enforcement work of urban management, obey the leadership, obey the command, have a sense of responsibility, hard work, hard work, decent work style, and willing to dedicate.

    3. Good health, have the physical conditions to perform the duties of recruitment positions normally, and meet the current medical examination standards for civil servants.

    4. Post education and professional requirements:

    (1) Management position: Age under 30 (born after November 1, 1988, ID is the same, the same applies hereinafter), gender is not limited; has a full-time undergraduate degree and above, and the profession is not limited.

    (2) Professional and technical positions: aged under 40 (born after November 1, 1978), male only; have a full-time college degree or above, professional requirements for civil engineering, management science and engineering; civil engineering, management For science and engineering related majors with an intermediate title or above (excluding non-public ownership economic assessment), the age can be relaxed to 45 years of age and the academic qualifications can be relaxed to part-time colleges (must be recognized by the national education department).

    Educational qualifications and professional certifications are in accordance with the "Guidelines for Professional Guidance for Admission and Examination of Institutions and Institutions in Fujian Province" (2019).

    5. The enrollment scope is Shanghang County, that is, applicants must meet one of the following conditions: the permanent resident account (including the "Residence Permit" held below) is in the Shanghang County area or the Shanghang County area. Student source graduates (that is, full-time general education graduates with household registration in the district of Shanghang County before being admitted to the first full-time general education qualifications college).

    6. Other conditions that meet the requirements of city management related job responsibilities.

    (2) Cannot apply for employment under any of the following circumstances

    1. Persons who have been penalized or expelled from public office for crimes, and persons who are under review by the relevant authorities who have not yet reached a conclusion after being suspected of breaking the law and discipline.

    2. Active-duty military personnel or full-time college students.

    3. Laws, regulations, and other regulations do not allow the recruitment of personnel in other situations where state-owned units are employed (such as: personnel who violate policies and regulations such as comprehensive governance, courts who have been breached by the court, etc.).

    4. Candidates shall not apply for recruitment positions that constitute an avoidance relationship after employment.

    3. Recruitment and Examination Methods

    (I) Registration time, place and requirements

    1. Registration arrangements:

    (正常上班时间: 上午8:00—12:00;下午2:30—5:30)。 (1) Registration time: December 9, 2019 to December 13, 2019 (normal working hours: 8: 00-12: 00 am; 2: 30-5: 30 pm).

    联系电话:0597-3139551(联系时请告知是在龙岩好工作人才网看到的招聘信息)(2) Registration method and location: Qualified applicants should bring one original and photocopy of relevant documents such as ID card, household registration book, graduation certificate and other related materials, 3 recent two-inch color photos, and "Application Form" Register at the Personnel and Missions Unit on the third floor of the Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau (No. 539, Beihuan Road, Shanghang County, opposite to the Beihuan Gas Station) , contact number: 0597-3139551 (please let us know that you are working in ) See the recruitment information) .

    (II) Qualification review

    The assessment team of Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau will conduct qualification examination on the applicants, and the qualified personnel will be allowed to take the examination.

    (Three) recruitment examination methods

    The recruitment examination was commissioned by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shanghang County to organize the implementation.

    1. Written test (out of 100 points)

    (1) The written test subject is "Writing". The subject type is subjective. The written test does not specify a review book.

    (2) Written test time: Further notice. The specific time, place and requirements of the test shall be subject to the "Written Test Admission Certificate" issued.

    2. Interview (out of 100 points)

    (1) Candidates are determined. Candidates will determine the number of candidates for each position 3 times in accordance with the order of the written test results from high to low, and determine the candidate for the interview. If the final score of the relevant position in the interview is the same, it will be determined as the candidate. For positions where the number of people who take the written test is less than three times the number of recruiters, all those who take the written test are determined as candidates for the interview. If the interview candidates give up, the vacant places will be filled up in the order of the written test results from high to low. The specific time, place and requirements of the interview are subject to the "Interview Notice" issued.

    (2) Interview content. The interview is conducted in a structured way. It mainly tests the theoretical and policy level, thinking reaction ability, comprehensive analysis ability, language expression ability and basic knowledge and ability necessary for performance of the participants.

    (3) Interview requirements. When participating in the interview, applicants are required to provide their original ID, "Written Exam Admission Certificate", "Interview Notice" and other originals.

    (4) For positions where the number of interviewees exceeds the number of recruiters, the interview pass line is set to 60 points; those who do not reach the interview pass line cannot be determined as the object of medical examinations and assessments.

    3. Related matters

    (1) If an applicant fails to take the written test or interview as required by the examination, it shall be deemed to voluntarily give up the qualification for admission; if the applicant violates the written test or the rules of the interview room during the test, etc., and the circumstances are serious, the recruitment qualification shall be cancelled.

    (2) Calculation of the total score of this recruitment examination: total score = written test score * 50% + interview score * 50%.

    (4) Investigation, physical examination and publicity

    1. According to the order of the total score of the examination from high to low, determine the inspection target according to the ratio of 1: 1 job applicants; if the last one has the same score, the highest score in the written test is the first; The written test scores are the same, and they are determined in order of high education, retired soldiers, long years of urban management work, and young age.

    2. The inspection is carried out by the assessment team of the Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau in accordance with relevant regulations and recruitment requirements, and confirms that the information and materials submitted by the inspection object at the time of registration are true and accurate and meet the prescribed recruitment conditions. In case of unqualified inspections or voluntary abandonment, the position will be replenished in order of the corresponding total scores.

    3. The qualified personnel after the inspection are determined as the object of the medical examination, and the Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau shall organize the medical examination in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements of the current civil servants for the medical examination. The medical examination expenses shall be borne by the medical examination subject. Those who fail to participate in the medical examination as required or voluntarily abandon the medical examination shall be deemed to have voluntarily renounced the qualification for this recruitment. Those who fail the medical examination shall not be employed. If there is any physical disqualification or voluntary abandonment during the physical examination, candidates will be selected in turn according to the total score.

    4. According to the results of examinations, inspections, and physical examinations, research and determine the list of personnel to be hired, and publicize it for 7 working days. If the publicity period expires and the result of the publicity does not affect the employment, it shall be determined as the hired person.

    Fourth, salary and employment methods

    1. The salary of the hired personnel shall be implemented with reference to that of the co-administrators of the unit.

    2. The identified candidates have a two-month probationary period, and the formal employment after the expiration of the assessment is qualified.

    The employed personnel shall be dispatched to the Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau by a labor dispatch company and an employment contract signed with them; in principle, no employment application shall be filed within one year.

    3. If the hired person has signed a labor or employment contract with the relevant unit and it is within the contract period, the original contract should be terminated before the employment procedures are processed. If it is concealed, the consequences will be borne by itself.

    4. Recruitment candidates who have not completed the employment procedures as required due to their own reasons shall be disqualified from the employment. The position shall be replenished in accordance with the corresponding personnel replenishment procedures in the "Medical Examination Measures" above.

    V. Other matters

    (1) If the applicant has falsified, violated rules and disciplines during the registration, examination, inspection, physical examination, etc., once verified, his employment qualification will be cancelled, and the employment contract will be terminated after the employment contract has been signed. .

    (2) The contact phone number left by the applicant during registration must be kept open during the recruitment period, and the consequences of the failure to contact the recruitment will be borne by the applicant.

    (3) The final interpretation right of this recruitment belongs to Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau.


    Attachment: Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau Registration Form for Recruiting Urban Management Staff

    Shanghang County Urban Management Bureau

    December 3, 2019

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