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  • Announcement of the public recruitment of 10 government non-staff and community workers by the People's Government of Tieshan Town
  • Release time: December 4, 2019 | Source: Longyan Good Job Talent Network | Viewed Person-times
  • According to the needs of the work, Tieshan Town recruited 10 non-staff and community workers for the society this time, and now officially announces the relevant matters as follows:

    I. Recruiting positions and numbers

    ,年龄40周岁以下(1979年1月1日以后出生),性别不限,大专及以上学历,专业不限,有水利相关专业或相关工作经验者优先,因工作需要能够适应夜间值班、巡查、处理应急事件。 1. Tieshan Town Government Water Conservancy Station staff 1 person , under 40 years old (born after January 1, 1979), no gender restriction, college degree or above, no major, no major in water conservancy or related work experience It is a priority to be able to adapt to night duty, inspections, and handle emergencies due to work needs.

    ,年龄40周岁以下(1979年1月1日以后出生),性别不限,大专及以上学历,专业不限,有从事文化相关工作经验者优先。 2. Tieshan Town Government clerk 1 class I staff member , under 40 years old (born after January 1, 1979), no gender restriction, college degree or above, no specialization, and those with cultural related work experience are preferred .

    ,年龄35周岁以下(1984年1月1日以后出生),性别不限,大专及以上学历,财务或法律专业,是中共党员、有财务或法律相关工作经验者优先。 3. Tieshan Town Government clerk 1 class Ⅱ staff , under 35 years old (born after January 1, 1984), no gender restriction, college degree or above, major in finance or law, is a Communist Party member, has financial or legal Legal related work experience is preferred.

    ,年龄45周岁以下(1974年1月1日以后出生),性别不限,大专及以上学历,专业不限,有乡镇、街道、社区或村干部工作经验者可适当放宽条件,支持扫黑除恶、征地拆迁等政府中心工作的优先考虑。 4. 7 community workers in Tieshan Town , under 45 years of age (born after January 1, 1974), no gender restriction, college education or above, no major, and work experience in township, street, community, or village cadres Those who can appropriately relax the conditions and support the priority of government center work such as anti-crime, land requisition and demolition.

    After being hired, the party committee and the government will arrange the posts according to the personal professional and ability characteristics.

    Recruitment conditions

    (1) Recruitment target must meet the following conditions

    1. Abide by the Constitution, laws, and regulations of the People's Republic of China, observe discipline, conduct good, and possess good political, moral, and certain levels of policy and theory;

    2. Good health (in line with the medical examination standards for civil servants), and have the physical conditions to perform the duties of recruitment positions normally;

    3. The government personnel must obey the organization's distribution, be able to endure hardships, perform their due diligence, and ensure that they have sufficient time to participate in the work of party committees and government daily centers and temporary and surprise tasks;

    4. Community employed people love work, take root at the grassroots level, have the spirit of serving wholeheartedly all kinds of organizations and the masses of residents, have a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility, and are good at doing mass work. Good at uniting comrades, clean and honest, hard-working, hardworking, hardworking, dedication and good professional ethics;

    5. Have at least two years of service in the unit and sign a commitment letter (special circumstances such as taking part in examinations for civil servants, institutions and institutions may be considered as appropriate).

    6. Proficient in computer office software;

    (2) Objects Not Applicable

    1. Those who have been criminally punished for crimes and those who have been expelled from public office, those who are being investigated on file, have financial problems or other issues that have not been clearly examined;

    2. Persons who are found to have committed serious violations of employment discipline, such as fraud, and are still not allowed to apply for the examination;

    3. Active-duty soldiers, full-time regular college students;

    4. Personnel who violate related policies such as discipline inspection, comprehensive treatment, and family planning.

    Third, the recruitment process

    (I) Registration

    的工作日上午8:30-11:30,下午14:30-17:30,逾期不再受理。 1. Registration time: From now until the working day of December 10th from 8: 30-11: 30 am, from 14: 30-17: 30 pm, no acceptance will be accepted after the deadline.

    报名地点:铁山镇人民政府五楼组织办 2. Venue: Organization Office on the fifth floor of the People's Government of Tieshan Town

    (联系时请告知是在龙岩好工作人才网看到的招聘信息) Contact person: Xiao Chen, Tel: 0597-3297881, 13895550585 (please inform us of the recruitment information you see on Longyan Good Job Talent Network)

    3. Application methods: Candidates must hold the original of their ID card or Hukou book, original and photocopy of academic certificate, degree certificate, original work unit certificate and other relevant certificates, original comprehensive management and family planning certificate, and the recent positive headless white background 1 inch color photo, fill in the "Recruitment Registration Form" one by one.

    (II) Written test and interview time

    Written test content

    Government non-staff personnel: official document writing, party building party history, family planning, work safety, comprehensive governance, petitions, environmental protection, basic knowledge of rural work, market conditions, and current affairs politics in the past year.

    Community staff: The comprehensive quality of community staff's job inspections involves political theory, common sense judgment, language, basic knowledge of community work, city conditions, and special actions for the creation of civilized cities and the elimination of evil and evil.

    2. Interview method

    An evaluation team composed of relevant personnel interviews the applicants. The interviews use question answering. The focus is on examining the applicant's ability to organize and coordinate, respond to problems and deal with actual problems, and the spirit of dedication and love.

    Written test, interview time and place will be notified separately.

    (3) Employment methods

    1. A combination of written test and interview is adopted. The written test interviews are scored on a 100-point scale.

    2. Examinations will only start after the ratio of applicants reaches 1: 3. According to the actual situation of the number of applicants and the actual number of reference persons, the number of open examination positions can be appropriately reduced in this recruitment.

    3. Score calculation method: The total score of the exam is 100 points, the written test score accounts for 50%, and the interview score accounts for 50%.

    4. According to the total scores of the written test and the interview, from 1: 1 to high scores (when the total score is the same, the interview score is the highest). If the medical examination is unsuccessful, make up according to the total score from high to low, in order to the full amount. After passing the medical examination, the town's open recruitment leading group organizes personnel to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the finalists' ethics, ability, diligence, performance and family planning, comprehensive management of social order, and daily performance, and then submits them to the town party committee for study and determination.

    (4) Employment benefits and benefits

    Welfare benefits for government non-staff workers: 1800 yuan / month for probation period, 3 months for probation period. Those who pass the probation period after passing the assessment shall be formally employed; those who fail the probation shall be cancelled. Those who are formally hired shall pay related social benefits such as social security and medical insurance through labor dispatch, and implement a basic salary plus performance compensation system, with an average salary of more than 3,000 yuan.

    Community workers have a probation period of 3 months, and their monthly salary during the probation period is 1,800 yuan (including social insurance and medical insurance personal contributions). Those who pass the probation period after passing the assessment shall be formally employed; those who fail the probation shall be cancelled. The salary and benefits of officially employed community workers are implemented in accordance with the relevant documents of the Shilla District, and “five insurances and one fund” are paid.

    For matters not covered in this announcement, the party committee and government of Tieshan Town, Xinluo District, Longyan City are responsible for the interpretation.

    Attachment 1: Registration Form for Recruiting Non-staff Staff of the People's Government of Tieshan Town (click to download)

    (点击下载) Appendix 2: Registration Form for Recruiting Community Workers in Tieshan Town (click to download)


    铁山镇人民政府 CPC Tieshan Town Committee Tieshan Town People's Government

    December 4, 2019

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