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  • Announcement of Shiloh District Moderate Supply and Marketing Cooperative on Open Recruitment of Financial Staff
  • Release time: December 6, 2019 | Source: Longyan Talent Network | Viewed Person-times
  • Due to work needs, the Shiloh District Moderate Supply and Marketing Cooperative intends to openly recruit 2 financial and copywriters (including one for accounting and one for cashiers) for the society. The related matters are announced as follows:

    I. Recruitment conditions

    1. Abide by the Constitution, laws, and regulations of the People's Republic of China, observe discipline, conduct with good character, and possess good political, moral, and professional qualities and a certain level of policy and theory.

    2. He is in good health and meets the criteria for civil servant recruitment and has the physical conditions to perform his duties normally.

    3. Gender age: male or female, under 30 years of age (born after December 1, 1989).

    4. Educational background: full-time college degree or above.

    Accounting position: Accounting majors are required, with accounting junior title or above. Cashier position: unlimited professional.

    5. Have a certain written knowledge, proficient in computer operation technology and office software, accounting work experience is preferred.

    6. No criminal record or on-the-spot review, no violation of comprehensive governance and family planning policies, and no bad credit record.

    Application Method

    1. (工作日正常上班时间)。 Registration time: December 9, 2019-December 13, 2019 (normal working hours on weekdays).

    2.联系电话:0597-2294436、13950889986(联系时请告知是在龙岩好工作人才网看到的招聘信息) ;联系人:连女士。 Registration Location: Labor and Personnel Education Unit of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives , Shilla District (5th floor, Supply and Marketing Office Building, No. 2 Beihuanxi Road, Shilla District) , Tel: 0597-2294436, 13950889986 To the recruitment information) ; Contact: Ms. Lian.

    3. Materials required for registration: Three 1-inch colorless photos, one original and photocopy of ID card, academic certificate, accounting junior or above professional title certificate, and one copy of personal resume, and those who meet the qualification requirements after qualification review, fill Registration form.

    Third, the test method: determine the test method according to the number of applicants.

    1. If the number of eligible applicants for the same post reaches 6 or more, a combined written test and interview will be used, with a total score of 100 (50% for the written test and 50% for the interview). The content of the accounting post examination is "Accounting Law", basic accounting practice and common knowledge of document writing. The content of the cashier post examination is the basic knowledge of administrative professional ability test and common knowledge of document writing.

    Interview candidates will be determined from high to low scores in the recruitment plan according to the ratio of 1: 3 on the written test score of 60 points; if less than 1: 3, the interview candidates will be determined according to the number of people who actually pass the 60 points on the qualifying line.

    2. If there are less than 6 people who meet the requirements for the same post, they will only be interviewed and not written. The interview focuses on the examinee's ability in language expression, logical thinking, analytical judgment, mastery of financial knowledge and handling of financial issues.

    3. When the number of interviewers in the same post is equal to the number of candidates, applicants should have an interview score of 70 or more before they can enter the medical examination.

    4. The test time and place will be announced separately.

    Fourth, physical examination

    According to the ratio of 1: 1 applicants, among those who passed the examination, from high to low scores, candidates for physical examination were determined. Participants in physical examinations are required to bring their ID cards to the designated hospital for centralized medical examinations. Those who fail to participate in the medical examinations on time are deemed to have waived their qualifications. Those who have vacancies due to unqualified medical examinations will be rescheduled according to the total score.

    V. Publicity

    Candidates who have passed the interview and passed the medical examination will be publicized according to relevant regulations. The publicity period is five working days.

    6. Hiring

    After the announcement, if there is no disagreement or feedback, but it is verified through investigation that it will not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be handled in accordance with the relevant procedures. If the hired person is not a fresh graduate, he should provide the original unit's employment certificate when he joins the company.

    Seventh, salary

    The probation period is 2 months, and the salary for the probation period is 1800 yuan per month. After the probation period has passed the assessment, it will be formally employed after being reported to the competent unit for approval according to relevant regulations. During the employment period, a basic salary plus performance-based compensation system shall be implemented with reference to staff in similar posts in the unit.

    8. The contents of this announcement and the unfinished matters shall be explained by the Shilla District Supply and Marketing Cooperative Union.

    Shilla District Supply and Marketing Cooperative Union

    December 3, 2019

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